Aluminium in form, colour + function for architecture and industry

For more than 47 years ALUTECTA produces aluminium components for all branches. As an expert in surface treatment with anodisation or powdercoating and in processing and machining of aluminium sheets and profiles we deliver high quality customized solutions.

Innovative material surfaces and production technologies, high quality manufacturing, comprehensive services and highly qualified staff with a broad range of skill sets guarantee smooth realization of any design.


Aluminium GRANODAL

GRANODAL® Grey anodised Aluminium is a method, for sheets and profiles. The three shades C71-C73 are UV-resistant and can be applied outside. With surface pre-treatment such as brushing, grinding, etching and polishing the look can be varied. More information GRANODAL®


Aluminium Streckmetall

We sell aluminium sheets and profiles. Standard profiles and format sheets, anodised or untreated, are supplied from stock. We also assist our customers with planning and supply of extrusion press profiles in optimised quality - stock list(in German pdf).
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We shape sheets and profiles to suit customer requirements. Our aluminium - refinishing comprises CNC-machining such as milling, sawing, drilling, cutting, bending, canting and punching, stamping, grinding, brushing, polishing, welding and mounting - Machine List Manufacturing (in German pdf).
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Surface + Colour

Biomedizinisches Forschungszentrum with Sandalor facade

You want to add some colour to your aluminium components? ALUTECTA offers two different metal finishing processes. Anodising, with a natural metallic look, powder coating with an opaque plastic layer, both maka a great variety of aluminium surface designs possible. Please call 06763 308-30

Anodising and Powdercoating


turnable chairbase

Aluminium in form, colour and function means that ALUTECTA supplies components from all stages of processing. Raw aluminium, sheets and profiles. Shaped through aluminium cnc-machining and manufacturing. Colour design through anodising or powder coating. All parts can easily be combined right up to the pre-finished component or product. Please call 06763 308-27
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Customer service


Since 1970, every effort has been made to serve our customers’ needs. To this end we offer a comprehensive service with competent advice, competitive prices, short delivery times, flexible logistics with stock, collection and supply as well as a high quality.  Please call 06763 308-29
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We provide quality. And undergo audits. ALUTECTA is certified among others according to DIN EN ISO 9001. Anodising occurs in accordance with international Qualanod regulations, powder coating according to GSB and Qualicoat.


Bau - 2019

BAU Trade fair

ALUTECTA exhibited at the world's leading trade fair for architecture, materials and systems. In 2019 at BAU in Munich amongst other things we presented GRANODAL® - grey anodised Aluminium for applications in architecture and new projects in anodisation and Sandalor®.