Performance and service for all sectors

ALUTECTA manufactures aluminium components for all sectors. It sounds simple - and so may every single step in production reveal to be.  But what we do is meet the most varying customer requests, which is far more than talking about just another piece of aluminium. Listening to our customers, understanding their needs, this is how we start.

And this is where we bring our experience into play. We provide the advice and realisation concepts we gained in many projects over the last more than 50 years. To allow our customers’ ideas become perfect parts made of aluminium. From the individual part to high volumes - for industry and architecture.

Runde Aluminiumblechfassade Silber eloxiert

Aluminium for architecture

Now and for more than 50 years ALUTECTA has been a reliable partner in architecture. Products made made in Kirchberg from aluminium profiles and sheets are applied worldwide. Surface and sheets are used on the Eiffel Tower in Paris or in small projects such as family homes.

Bauteil aus Aluminiublech gefräst

Aluminium for industry

ALUTECTA has been a partner to industry as of 1970, wherever production of aluminium components is required. Machining of sheets, profiles, individual parts or high volumes, surfaces or end-to-end production of aluminium products. Everything is possible.