GRANODAL® Grey anodised Aluminium


ALUTECTA presents GRANODAL® - Grey anodised Aluminium

GRANODAL® is a newly developed method by ALUTECTA, used to colour anodised aluminium surfaces in variations of grey. The resulting surface provides an unmatched look and feel. Its metallic characteristics are fully preserved with this purely inorganic colouring. The surface arising shows a subtle shimmer with varying light impressions and countless rather neutral variations of grey, no blue or green tints. The colouring is UV- and weather resistant, not fading and does not display stains when exposed to weathering. These properties come along with the noted quality features of anodising: scratch-proof, durable and corrosion resistant. GRANODAL® therefore especially shows its qualities when applied outside, it guarantees the durability of the finished product and is a warrant for creative design in numerous sectors.

Benefits and properties of GRANODAL®


· UV- and weathering-resistant

· durable, scratch and corrosion-resistant

· no colour layer application, surface is purely inorganic

· vibrant surface with metallic reflections

· outstanding, noble look

· for a broad range of innovative products

· maximum component size: Length 6500 mm x Width 400 mm x Height 2000 mm

GRANODAL® uses the physical properties of metal particles embedded in the anodised layer. Shape and alloy of the surface-finished components are crucial for the emerging colouring. This effect emphasises the individual nature of the material and contributes to the uniqueness of your design and products.

GRANODAL® colours

Stainless steel look

GRANODAL® is supplied in three different shades, C71-C73, it is completed by the stainless steel look ALANOX® grau and varied by numerous surface pre-treatments such as brushing, grinding, etching and polishing. 

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GRANODAL® structure

As all anodised surfaces, GRANODAL® surfaces are transparent and can be pre-treated by chemical or mechanical processing. The structure thus modified affects the surface's reflection properties and appearance and offers additional design options, all presenting a metallic look.

The following illustrations show the combination of colour, e. g. C73, and the various pre-treatments E0-E6 resulting in the respective modified visual effect.


E1 C73


Relatively even, somewhat dull looking surface. Small die marks and scratches are removed (no surface grinding). Coarser to finer chatter marks are visible depending on the abrasive grain.


E2 C73


Even, light surface: Visible brush strokes Die marks and scratches etc. are merely removed in part. Low cleaning maintenance, increased self-cleaning effect in outdoor use. Preferred mechanical pre-treatment.


E5 C73

Grinded and polished

Even, shining surface: Die marks, scratches, chafe marks etc., - especially hidden corrosion phenomena - that may show with E0 or E6, are removed (no surface grinding).


E6 C73

Chemically pre-treated

Mat, rough surface: Die marks, scratches etc. are partly removed. Material-induced surface defects cannot always be avoided. Possible corrosion phenomena impairing the decorative appearance but that could not, or only difficultly, be detected prior to etching, may show as a result of this treatment.

Maximum component size:
 Length 7000 mm x Width 800 mm x Height 2000 mm

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