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The GSB, German quality association for batch coating of building components provides this certificate. ALUTECTA is allowed to use the quality label since the beginning of the powdercoating services in 1989 with the member no. 038. The requirements for the label is that ALUTECTA meets the requirements of the GSB. This will be checked 2 times per year.

GSB Certificate (PDF)

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As a member of Qualicoat we - have state of the art technology - work with a defined self-monitoring (quality assurance), - only use approved coating systems - deliver consistent quality.

Qualicoat Certificate (PDF)

Qualicoat Certificate Seaside (PDF)

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The European Quality Assurance Association for Anodised Aluminium.

ELOXAL - Qualanod defines standards for the anodisation of Aluminium / Eloxal and applications in architecture. ALUTECTA meets the standards and is allowed to use with quality label with the licence number 631.

Qualanod Certificate (PDF)

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QM / DIN ISO EN 9001


This quality management system introduced in 1998 has a strong focus on the customer, the process approach and continual improvement. The quality management standard achieved is constantly inspected to determine further optimisation possibilities and achieve their implementation.
Quality Management Certificate (PDF)

Quality Management Certificate (PDF)

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UM / DIN ISO EN 14001

UENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - DIN ISO EN 14001. With the quality management system, an environmental management system according to DIN ISO EN 14001 was introduced to guarantee the sustainability of all processes and facilities in use.
The environmental compatibility of the processes considered in a holistic approach is thus to be improved by a continual development of every single process step.

Environmental Management System Certificate (PDF)

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Here you can find our general terms and conditions as a PDF. (German version only)