Sheets + Profiles - we supply the appropriate material for your idea made of aluminium. When purchasing we put the focus on the high quality of the material, the surface and packaging. Our own high rack warehouse enables us to supply a broad variety of sheets, standard profiles and window sills with accessories, even at short notice, untreated or with surface finish. Stock list Metal sheet (pdf) - Stocklist Semi-finished parts


sheets in stock

In our comprehensive stock we keep various sheets ready for you in the below formats, with material thicknesses of 0.5 mm to 15 mm and dimensions of up to 6 m. This puts us in a position to offer you shortest delivery times and optimal material quality. For anodised finishes in particular, we use sheets with specific alloys that show the best possible colour uniformity results. Stock list Metal sheet (pdf)
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solar profiles

Aluminium profiles offer countless application possibilities. Numerous standard profiles are supplied at short notice directly from our own high rack warehouse. We help our customers realize their special profiles. When purchasing we put the focus on optimal quality with regard to machining, surface finish and function.

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Aluminium Components

Aluminium sheets + profiles for entire components. Material thickness, alloy and cross section of the profiles influence machining and finishing and do thus have a great impact on function and appearance of the finished product. Appearance is of major importance, especially in the case of high-quality products. We will find the best solution for you in terms of material, manufacturing and surface.
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Window sills


We supply window sills and accessories directly from our stock, untreated or with finished surface, for dimensions of up to 6 m and outreaches of 50 – 400mm.

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