References best practice

ALUTECTA produces aluminium components for sheets and profiles for all sectors. The references show best practice samples of 50 years of experience in anodised or powder-coated surface finishes and aluminium processing. We deliver high-quality customised solutions. From the individual part to high volumes - from design to architecture.

Innovative aluminium surfaces and production technologies and a qualified staff providing professional customer service guarantee a perfect implementation of your product ideas.


Grau eloxierte Zierteile für Automotive

BUGATTI sets standards of technical and optical superlative performance. In the limited series "Divo" our grey anodised aluminium can prove its technical and optical qualities.

Omnitower Frankfurt

Eloxal schwarz gebürstet

We were commissioned to produce a very elegant black for the Omnitower in Frankfurt. The vertical window elements in E2 C35 keep a shiny black anodised aluminium surface with a fine brush stroke.

Anodisation an grinding

Eloxal silber Fassade mit Schliff

A natural silver aluminium facade, shiny with a fine grind is used in this office building. Because sheets and profiles can only be ground up to a width of 400mm special pre ground sheets were applied in this project.


GRANODAL® im Pergamonmuseum

In Berlin two new building parts of the pergamon museum are built until 2025. The combination of old and new buildings creates a great challenge in choosing the right material. We are happy that the windows were anodised in grey with our GRANODAL® process.

Gold anodising

Gold eloxierte Aluminiumbauteile

Anodisation art

Farbeloxal Kunstobjekte von Heiner Thiel

Aluminium cover

Aluminiumdeckel für medizinische Versorgungseinheit

Swivel foot

Drehkonsole Fertigungsbeispiel

PV-Mounting system

Produktion PV-Montagesystem DICONAL®

Grey practice

Grau Eloxal Projekte

Two possibilities

Eloxal oder Pulverbeschichtung

Art and architecture

Eloxal Kunst am Bau Projekte von Rainer Düvell

Plant pots

Aluminiumpflanzkübel nach Maß

Andreastower Zurich

Fensterprofile in Bronze Klassik 2

Aluminium light switch panel

Aluminiumrahmen Fertigungsbeispiel


Aluminiumfassade in Sandalor Blau

Eiffel Tower Pavilions

Eiffelturm Sandalor

In 2014, three new pavillons have been constructed on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The sheet metal cladding has, among others, been realized with SANDALOR® surfaces by ALUTECTA.
SANDALOR® pavillons Eiffeltower

Paper dispensers

Aluminiumcover for paper dispensers

We produce highly decorative aluminium sheet coverings for a complete range of paper dispensers.
Aluminium covers production


Sandalor® sheet metal facade

The Biomedical Research Center Seltersberg (Gießen) has been cladded with an aluminium sheet façade showing all available SANDALOR® shades.
Example Sandalor® sheet metal facade

Aluminium cabin

Aluminium cabine 3D Scanner

ALUTECTA manufactures the whole Scanlounge™ cabin with aluminium sheets. From the aluminium sheet to machining, powder-coating and assembly. The finished Scanlounge™ consists of 8 identical, portable elements.
Production example aluminium cabin

Fall protection

Aluminium fall protection

SKYRAIL is a vertical rail system by SKYLOTEC intended to prevent falls. The system is based on a mounting clip that fixes a solid aluminium rail in standing or suspended position without ever obstructing the slide's flexibility. Profiles and mounting clip are machined, finished, mounted and dispatched as finished component by ALUTECTA.
Aluminium component production

Showcase plinths

Showcase plinths

The new system of high-quality showcases comprises a climate control for protection. ALUTECTA helped to develop and produce the parts in series and project-related orders are custom-tailored. Aluminium, processing and surface - all from one source, right from the start!
Project showcase climate control

Façade elements

Sandalor Façade elements

The InfoPavillon situated in the Hamburg Überseequartier has been cladded with 300 differently shaped aluminium sheets in 4 SANDALOR® shades.
SANDALOR® pavillon façade Hamburg

Aluminium - care chair

Aluminium tubular frame chair

ALUTECTA was involved from the beginning of the procuct development and helped to design the curved tubular frame to produce a nursing chair. This way the material application, production steps and the final production could be matched up perfectly.
Aluminum frame for chair

Exhibition system proFAIRssional

Aluminiumprofilrahmen Messebau

Aluminium Glove dispenser

Blechkantteil Handschuhspender

Glas railing corner

Eckelemente Glasgeländerhalter

Anodisation Architecture black E6 C35

Architekturelemente Eloxal Schwarz

Laser engraving

Lasergravur Eloxaloberflächen

Hygiene wall

Hygienewand Alu-Protect

What anodisation can do!

Farbeloxal Fassade