Anodised grey in Practice

Grau eloxierte Aluminiumprofile für Drehtüren
Grau eloxierte Aluminiumprofile für Drehtüren in der Produktion
Grau eloxierte Aluminium Kunstobjekte von Heiner Thiel
Grau eloxierte Aluminiumfensterlemente für das Pergamonmuseum
Grau eloxierte Türfüllung
Grau eloxierte Architekturelemente in der Praxis
Grau eloxierte Fensterprofile in der Klinik Barmelweid
Grau eloxierte Aluminiumbleche und Profile in der Praxis
Grau eloxiertes Aluminium Kunstobjekt von Heiner Thiel
Architekturelemente Dubai Grey Anodisation
Grau eloxierter Aluminiumgriff mit Edelstahloptik
Grau eloxierte Fensterprofile in der Praxis

Grey anodised aluminium projects

After the presentation of the technical innovation, we are pleased that grey anodised GRANODAL® surfaces prove their practical suitability in numerous projects. Architects, investors, product developers, engineers, artists and designers take advantage of the combination of the grey colour and the technical qualities of anodised aluminium surfaces.

Why grey anodise aluminium? A colour that is defined by the absence of colour properties, it is achromatic. But grey is a exeptional colour. Grey is unique and universal it is one colour that can be created by mixing all the other colours. It is the colour in the middle between black and white, between light and dark. Grey is quiet, free of extremes and emotional attributes. This is probably the main reason why grey is used in architecture. Because grey is neutral and can connect different colours, shapes and materials into a whole. Grey is unremarkable. The colour doesn't push itself into the spotlight. It allows architecture to operate in form and function. Due to its inconspicuousness, grey is suitable for long-term projects and long-lasting products that do not serve fashion and trends, e.g. in architecture.

In search for authentic building materials such as wood, stone or metal, anodised aluminium offers great options for interior and exterior architectural elements. Window profiles, sheet metal facades, door panels, light switches, mailboxes, handrails, railings, gates ... all products with anodised surfaces, silver or in colour, keep a optical metal characteristics and the authenticity of the aluminium material.

ALUTECTA developed GRANODAL® to match market requirements and to close a gap since there were no practical techniques to create grey anosised surfaces on profiles and sheets. Thanks to inorganic colour particles GRANODAL® is UV-resistant, colour-neutral and can be produced in different levels of brightness. With numerous implemented GRANODAL® projects, ALUTECTA has been able to prove its practical suitability and cost-effectiveness. At the BAU trade show in 2019 in Munich, ALUTECTA showed the technical possibilities and first project examples with window profiles, sheet metal cladding and door panels in exclusive single-family homes and larger projects such as the new "Oscar" clinic in Barmelweid.



  1. Aluminium sheets and profiles up to 6,5m length can be anodise in grey
  2. Anodisation generates an oxide layer that is fixed firm in the base material
  3. The oxide layers can hold anorganic colour particles
  4. Machining of GRANODAL® material is easily possible


  1. Thin, hard and scratch resistant surface
  2. UV-Resitent
  3. Easy to clean, lang lasting, sustainable and easy to recycle
  4. Certified quality according to Qualanod


  1. Metallic gloss is preserved
  2. The reflection and surface can be designed by chemical treatment, grinding, brushing or polishing
  3. Exclusive high-class appearance
  4. There is a special stainless steel look - surface ALANOX® grey
  5. Anodisation and GRANODAL® are aluminium specific, authentic surfaces
  6. GRANODAL® is suitable for the combination with other natural materials such as wood, stone.
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