Manufacturing of aluminium cabins Scanlounge™

Blechbearbeitung Kanten
Gekantete Blechelemente
Schweißen der Blechelemente
Montage der Aluminiumkomponenten
Aluminiumkomponenten in der fertigen Scanlounge

Scanlounge™ complete manufactureing of aluminium cabins

For the Dutch company Scanologics B.V., ALUTECTA is the perfect partner who is in a position to provide support all along from prototype to series production. ALUTECTA contributed in the technical realisation of the cabin concept, the cabin itself consisting of 8 identical, portable elements.

Production steps

  1. Milling of aluminium sheets
  2. Canting of aluminium sheets
  3. Welding of aluminium sheets
  4. Surface grinding
  5. Powder coating of metal sheet elements
  6. Jacking of threaded bushes
  7. Assembly of individual parts
  8. Test installation, packaging + dispatching

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