Aluminium parts for SKYRAIL

design profiles
Aluminiumprofile machining
rail profiles and mounting clip
vertical rail system
vertical rail system closeup
mounting clip and rail system

SKYRAIL is a vertical rail system by SKYLOTEC intended to prevent falls. The system is based on a mounting clip that fixes a solid aluminium rail in standing or suspended position, without ever obstructing the slide’s flexibility. Profiles and mounting clip are machined, finished, mounted and dispatched as finished component by ALUTECTA. ALUTECTA supplies products manufactured in series as well as customized, project-based systems. SKYLOTEC could enlist the experience of ALUTECTA already in the planning stage of serial production. All from one source, right from the start!

Production steps Mounting clip

  1. Cutting of profiles 1 and 2
  2. Drilling of bottom holes
  3. Deburring
  4. Threat cutting with accurate angle
  5. Anodising
  6. Assembling of clipping parts, screws and fixings
  7. Control of quality and function
  8. Packaging / Dispatch

Production steps Rail profiles
  1. Cutting
  2. Bending
  3. Deburring of profile ends
  4. Anodised, silver, black or powder-coated
  5. Control of quality and function
  6. Packaging / Dispatch

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