Series production of aluminium sheet components for paper dispensers

paper dispensers series production
paper dispensers surface
taking of protection of paper dispensers components
anodisation of paper dispensers components
paper dispensers components

ALUTECTA offers the various production services aluminium, machining, surfaces and concepts - the perfect basis to manufacture complete components - “all from one source”. Here we present the manufacturing steps of aluminium components for paper dispensers. A system for towels, serviettes, facial tissues etc.. Series production of all components all from one source helps reduce manufacturing defects, delivery times and costs. This is how we manufacture economically viable project solutions of perfect quality.

Production steps

  1. Cutting of aluminium sheets
  2. Surface grinding
  3. Protection foil application
  4. Punching of sheet metal parts to fit
  5. Welding of threat bolts
  6. Hanging + foil removal
  7. Anodising
  8. Taking down + packaging + dispatching

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