Laser engraving for anodised + powder coated aluminium

Using a computer-controlled Laser we can engrave anodised and powder coated aluminium surfaces. A bright white engraving occures on anodised layers. Engraving removes the powder layer and uncovers the amluminium underneath. The engraving is inseparable connected to the base material it is perfectly suited for company logos and markings that need to last for a long time. Our Laser works with flat material like aluminium sheets up to 610x610mm plane and profile material up to a height of 250mm. We work with a computer-controll that allows to directly engrave changes in the layout. Furthermore it includes a function to engrave continuous serial numbers for example. In this way we can produce uncomplicated, easy, cost effective and individual type plates. The laser engraving is the perfect combination to our other products - aluminium, machining and surface treatment.

Tech specs Laser engraving

  • Anodised and
  • Powder coated surfaces can be engraved
  • Sheets up to 610x610mm
  • Profiles up to a height of 250mm
  • Engraving produces white bright marks

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