Which dimensions can be anodised or powdercoated by ALUTECTA?

Summary of maximum component dimensions in mm

The following dimensions are possible if not limited by the geometry of the components:

Process / Colour




Anodisation / Nature 7000 800 2000
Anodisation / Color 7000 800 2000
Anodisation / Gold 7000 400 2000
Anodisation / SANDALOR® 7000 600 2000
Anodisation / ALANOX® 7000 400 2000
Anodisation / GRANODAL® 6500 400 2000
Powdercoating 7000 800 2000

Why do we have these technical conditions?

During the suface treatment aluminium components go through our production plant with baths and cabines. The measurements of the anodising baths, the pretreament baths and the powder cabins are fixed. Therefore different processes have different maximum dimensions. The doabiltiy is also depending on the geometry. Canted sheets e.g. can have a great influence on the maximum possible dimensions. Please contact us in advance if you plan on anodising or powdercoating great and / or complicated parts.

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