ALANOX® Aluminium with stainless steel look

Aluminium in Edelstahloptik

ALANOX® is a technology developed by ALUTECTA for manufacture of aluminium surfaces with an appearance of stainless steel. This stainless steel look experiences a strong demand especially in architecture and is obtained by combination of a specific multiple grinding and a particular colouring. But this stainless steel look offers numerous benefits in other fields, from mechanical engineering to product design, as well. In metal constructions and architecture, standard aluminium profile systems or metal sheet elements can be machined as usual with no restrictions imposed to design. When compared to stainless steel, material costs are lower. No more problems with fingerprint marks, e. g. on frequently touched household items. ALANOX® provides a broad range of innovative applications for aluminium. The coating thickness is of at least 20 my. Machining applies to profiles, but also to metal sheet cuttings up to a length of 7000 mm and a width of 400 mm.

Possible component size up to:

Profiles: Length 7000 mm x Width 400 mm x Height 2000mm

Sheets: Length 7000 mm x Width 400 mm x Height 2000mm

Benefits and properties of ALANOX®

  • UV and weathering resistant
  • durable, scratch and corrosion resistant
  • no colour layer application, purely inorganic surface
  • vibrant surface with metallic reflections
  • outstanding, noble look
  • standard profile systems and sheet metal elements can be used as usual
  • resistant to fingerprint marks
  • good cleaning properties
  • lower cost as compared to stainless steel
  • for a broad range of innovative products

Stainless steel look, a comparison

Stainless steel look ALANOX®
Stainless steel look ALANOX® grey
ALANOX® grey

We offer two different ALANOX® colour moods, AALANOX® in a warm grey shade and ALANOX® grey in a neutral grey shade. 

Please call our sales department for further information. We can provide you with samples on request!